Note: The information presented on this site is intended as a supplement to the information presented in the original eDom article for American English and the second eDom article for two dialects of Spanish.


The eDom software package was developed to facilitate the collection of dominance ratings -- the proportion of times each meaning of a word is encountered -- for ambiguous words like <river/money> BANK.  In its current form, eDom has been used to present participants with the dictionary definitions of homonyms and collect subjective estimates of how often each meaning is encountered.  The software can also be used to collect additional participant-generated definitions.  

eDom could be readily extended for a variety of other norming tasks and the full source code has been made available under the GPL licensing scheme to this end.  

Currently, eDom norms can be downloaded for American English and  for two Spanish dialects.  

Supported Systems

The software can in principle be run on all major operating systems.  Individuals who have MATLAB (version >= 2010a) installed may run eDom from the source code directly on any system. For individuals without MATLAB, a standalone executable version of the software has been compiled for several operating systems.

Norming an item

Blair Armstrong, Natasha Tokowicz, David Plaut, 2011-